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Dear student/parent,

We know that horrible feeling!

Sometimes you don’t understand things in class…

you’re completely lost and feel hopeless...

you’re not sure if you can even pass that test...

you find yourself having trouble balancing your social life with your studies...

it feels impossible to meet your parent’s expectations...

Now...we want you to imagine...IMAGINE!

Imagine finally being able to wake up, excited for school, feeling confident!

…you’ll be able to understand everything your teacher says in class
…you’ll be on top of all your classwork and homework for once
…you’ll actually have time to balance your social life with school
…you’ll get those grades that you’ve been working so hard towards

…you’ll finally be able to make your parents proud,

and most importantly you’ll finally be able to be yourself. 

We have one question for you though;

Are you sick and tired of spending your time at average tutors that are plain ‘boring’ and literally drain the living soul out of you?

Are you fed up with spending your hard-earned money on ‘tutors’ that don’t actually care about you and aren’t helping you reach the goals you want?

Are you looking for tutors that are SUPER exciting, caring and engaging?
(Yes, they exist.)

Then stop those endless nights of trying to find that perfect tutor and get ready to have your mind blown…

We have helped thousands of students get back on their feet again.

We’ve brought countless students from receiving disastrous D’s on their tests to the astounding A’s they’ve dreamt of. We’ve turned 40% students into high achieving 90%+ students 

In fact, we’re so confident we can help you that we’ll even guarantee results – if you don’t see any improvement within 60 days, we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

No other ‘tutoring centre’ would dare do this. As a matter of fact, we’re the only tutoring centre in Australia that effectively implements regular check-ups as well as an online support team to help you with any question from home.

How about that?

It’s time for you to get those marks you deserve… it’s time for you to actually enjoy going tutoring every week…it’s time for you to stop falling behind…it’s time for you to balance your social and study life…it’s time for you to make your parents prouder than ever!

We think it’s time you experienced “REAL” tutoring.

You’ve never experienced tutoring like this before.

Spots are filling up fast. 2022 is almost booked out!

Book in your FREE assessment & FREE Trial class now. You’ve literally got nothing to lose.
Small Tailored Groups
All students are assessed to ensure all students are on similar learning level.  Groups range from 2-12 students maximum
Superior Tutors
The best of the best tutors to ever exist in the South-East. They know how to teach, get results and make learning engaging.
Unlimited Resources
With our HUGE range of resources covering everything you need, from teeny practise examples to scary EXAM questions, you’ll be 100% set to smash that test!
60-Day Guarantee
If you don't see any improvement within 2 months of being with us, we'll give you every penny back. We're the only tutoring centre in Australia that does this.
Snacks + Rewards
What's worse than everyone hearing your loud tummy rumbling in class? Nothing. That's why we provide you snacks from muesli bars, fruit bars to rewards such as Pizza and bubble tea
Online Support Team
 Ask any question you want at any time of the day and our tutors will respond to you as fast as possible. We'll provide you in-depth steps and full working out to ensure you understand
Primary (Yr4-Yr6) : Maths & English
Secondary (Yr7-10): Maths ONLY
VCE Maths Methods 1/2
VCE Maths Methods 3/4
We’ve been spending our late nights and early mornings writing up resources just for you! And the best part is…we’re giving them away for FREE! Fill in your details and receive Maths notes sent straight to your email within seconds.

Over 1500+ Victorian students have downloaded these resources. Don't miss out.
We’ve been awarded the Word of Mouth Service Award for the FIFTH YEAR in a row! What an honour. This award is only awarded to the TOP 5% of businesses and is entirely based on student feedback from the Word of Mouth directory.

Thank you to all of our students and parents for your amazing support and love!
Current Strive Academy Student
Went from dreading maths to bringing home A's
Back in primary school, I remember dreading maths class every day simply because I didn’t understand many topics so my transition into high school was not the smoothest.

 However, after attending Strive Academy, maths has not only become one of my favourite subjects but my marks have also increased by an amount that I wasn’t even sure I was capable of achieving.

This year....with Strive’s help, I’ve been bringing home an average of A’s on my math tests. 

Before attending Strive, I was kind of scared as I’ve heard many bad things about “Tutor”. 

For example, I’ve heard from others that their tutoring experience was “strict”, “boring” and that “it doesn’t really help”. But Strive was the complete opposite!

 All the tutors are always willing to help and if you need extra assistance from home, Strive has a 7 days online support in which I can get help with any maths question from strive tutors.

The atmosphere is always so exciting! The information being taught is easy to understand and I’m never afraid to ask questions.
Past Year 12 Graduate student from Strive Academy Scored 40 RAW in VCE Maths Methods
I’m My, a first year student at Deakin studying nursing and midwifery. 

I came to Strive with a friend because we were both struggling with VCE Methods. Before Strive, I went to numerous tutors, both classes and private, but nothing really worked out for me. 

Coming to Strive made me eager to learn and succeed because of the enthusiasm of the tutors 
and the non-intimidating class environment.

With a lot of practice exams and especially the help of strive, I achieved a VCE Methods study score 
of 40 RAW ranking me in the top 9% of Victoria, which I didn’t think was possible for me. 

Both my friend and I exceeded our own expectations with the help of Strive’s continuous support, encouragement and dedication to help their students succeed to their full potential. 

In saying that, I didn’t bury my head into my books 24/7. I believe in order to do well in VCE, there needs to be balance. Go out partying, socialising, work, sports, but also know when to prioritise studies if need be.

Past Year 12 Graduate student from Strive Academy, Scored 41 RAW in VCE Maths Methods & 93.95 ATAR
Before I started Strive, I was an average methods student and I was just doing the minimal by keeping up
with the work that was given to me.

After joining Strive, I felt more than prepared to smash any Maths topic! Strive goes fully in depth with their teaching style ensuring all students fully understand each concept before moving on. 

Next thing I knew…VCE Maths Methods easily became my best subject which helped me achieve a study score of 41 RAW and an ATAR of 93.95 

The one thing that makes Strive different from others is the vibe!

 It’s fun and energetic whilst also maintaining a hardworking and supportive environment.
Current Strive Academy Student
Went from averaging B+ to A+ within a semester
My name is Celine and I’m currently a Year 9 attending Killester College.

This year my highest mark for my test was 100% for linear and the average for my math tests is 94%. Before attending Strive, I was an average Joe in my math classes in Year 7 and 8.

I used to be averaging B+ 's and I wasn’t very hopeful towards achieving outstanding scores in my tests and assignments.

After attending Strive, there was an evident boost in my scores and they had become constant. Strive really catered to my needs and magnified my confidence for tests, helping me learn more effectively towards new topics.

My old maths tutor's place moved at a very fast pace resulting in me having difficulties in understanding because they taught the topic too quickly.

However, Strive teaches the topics thoroughly and in a method that makes one understand it easily. The Strive tutors are also very supportive, they are always outgoing and friendly.

Rather than a tutor, they are more like friends. Strive has helping classes on the weekends and their online support helps you with any problem you may be struggling with.

A tip I would give to students is to ask questions! Even if they may seem dumb, they'll still help with your learning!
First, we’ll get you to undergo a quick fun assessment.

This helps us understand how you’re going in school and allows us to find the most suitable group that suits you.
From there, you can come in for your first FREE  trial class with your first ever Strive tutor and your first ever strive mates! You’ll finally be able to experience the ENERGY of our tutors and the FUN learning environment.
There is no charge for this and there is no catch.

We do this because 99% of students who go through this process are so impressed and happy, they ask to become a student at Strive.

If you’re not satisfied after your first FREE trial class, you have no obligation to continue using our services.

2022 classes only have limited spots available.

Our extraordinary tutors have put together Maths notes for several high school & VCE topics to help you brush up! Press “GET MY NOTES” to receive your FREE notes delivered to your email within seconds. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

Best Tutors Melbourne

Strive Academy offers the best tutoring services Melbourne has to offer. Whether you are having trouble understanding a specific topic or simply need additional help preparing for an exam, Strive Academy is here to help.
In less than 3 years, Strive Academy has helped hundreds of students fulfil their potential and maximise their grades. Using our key study tactics and customised service, you will be getting the grades you desire quickly and effectively. Along with our tutors, you will also have the chance to learn with other students just like you, so that you have the support and motivation you need to achieve academic success.


Tutoring is necessary when you find yourself lost in class and struggling with specific subject matters. The ability to grasp a difficult topic, and master it, can be a difficult feat for just about any student. Preparing for exams can be even more challenging if you haven’t quite mastered a particular topic.
That’s why finding professional, effective and caring tutors is essential to your success in school. Strive Academy proudly offers students quality tutoring in Melbourne so that they can achieve academic success.
Strive Academy tutors’ students in both primary and secondary schools and we are specialised specifically in the subjects of maths and English. Our tutors create customised services for each student, so that you get the kind of attention and support you need to succeed. We offer a wide range of tutoring services, which include exam preparation to subject matter teaching.


Strive Academy has the best and most reliable tutors in Melbourne because we are available to our students almost every day of the week. Students can reach out to our tutors through Facebook, email, mobile and our online forum. Also, if you need extra help outside of your tutoring sessions, you can attend our weekly helping classes for additional support!
As we strive to give each and every student equal attention and support, we keep our group sessions small. We make sure that students at the same level are placed in groups together so that they can support and help each other. This allows each student to learn at their preferred pace.
We offer a free 45-minute assessment and a free trial class for each new student. This will help us better understand your needs all while you get the opportunity to try us out and decide if we’re the right fit for you. With our 60-day risk-free money back guarantee, you can trust that we are confident in our ability to help you succeed.


If you’re looking to improve your academic skills and need tutoring services in Melbourne to help you, contact us at Strive Academy today. We will happily assist you and answer any questions you might have. You can also book your free assessment with Strive Academy today!
Academic success is possible and within reach! With Strive Academy, you are sure to achieve the grades and goals you deserve.

Strive Academyis Melbourne's best tutoring centre. Our tutoring centre is in Keysborough, but we can be your tutors whether you are in Clayton, Mount Waverley or anywhere in the eastern suburbs. We specialise in teaching primary, high school & VCE maths. Contact us to book a free assessment & free trial today! Spots are very LIMITED.

Have a question? We'd love to chat.

Ph: 0479135795
Email: info @striveacademy.com.au
Classes are held at 28 Isaac Road Keysborough College Acacia Campus

ABN: 96 181 659 366
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